The Instructor Certification Program (ICP) offers professional training and certification for individuals who lead group rides or teach mountain bike skills clinics. With the ICP, we are building on proven, successful methods nearly two decades in development, and aim to establish a standard for mountain bike skills instructor training.

ICP courses are offered year-round all over the world, but primarily in the U.S., The ICP program offers three levels of certification.


A twenty-hour course that certifies an individual to guide rides and perform fundamental skills analysis with a high level of competence.  This course focuses on group and risk management including an introductory to skills instruction.

There are many aspects to teaching mountain biking: planning and preparation, risk management, proper interaction with students, managing a group of riders, and being fully confident in your own understanding and demonstration of the fundamental elements. We will provide you with a strong foundation for moving forward as a well-equipped, knowledgeable instructor. This course will make you think about situations you don’t want to think about, yet need to be ready for.

The Level 1 course now offers a section on creating teaching plans, plus an introduction to eight different skills. Once participants have completed their Level 1 evaluation, the ICP Instructor Trainer will take the group through a professional skills clinic. It offers participants a chance to receive world-class personal instruction and see how an instructional clinic is performed from start to finish. It is part of the introduction to instruction and prepares participants for the next level of certification with the ICP. More Details


A thirty-hour course that certifies an individual to teach intermediate mountain bike skills. Skills covered include body position, braking, shifting, climbing, descending, bike/body separation, wheel lifts and much more.

This course reviews the ride guide material before diving deep into skills analysis. Topics include stability and biomechanics, teaching strategy, teaching plans and measuring success. The skills portion of the course takes you through 24 different skills and provides instructional information on terminology, site selection, goal setting, proper demonstrations, teaching points, progressions and more.

Each move is broken down into basic steps including follow-through and safety notes. Much of this course focuses on observation and how to detect and correct errors in the riders being taught. Each ICP participant will be tested on this ability during their practical evaluation. In order to pass the ICP Level 2 course, participants must demonstrate an understanding of the material, perform a suitable teaching simulation, and pass a written test.

Although this course is not to be taken as a personal skills training event, participants will end up honing their skills on the bike and realizing how much they didn’t know about mountain biking. More Details


A thirty-hour course that certifies an individual to teach advanced mountain bike skills. Skills covered include bunny hops, drops, high-speed cornering, pumping, jumping and more.

Our new Level 3 course will be released in 2017. The Level 3 is more than just learning more skills to teach. Instructors will take their experiences from teaching the Level 2 material and build on it. Participants will be taken through a review of the Level 2 material before learning the next phase of skills including manual front wheel lifts, bunny hops, drops, jumps, pumping and more.

The Level 3 course requires an expert level of personal riding ability. All pre-requisites for this course will be strictly enforced with no exceptions. More Details

 * Please note that, for all courses, refunds are not available if you fail the exam. Re-testing may not be immediately available, but we will do everything possible to help you pass.

Take a course with the ICP and level up your instruction game!

-the ICP Team